Istanbul with its deep roots in history and its branches spreading and blossoming in the world map is the only city which Connects Asia with Europe. It has been the capital of many famous empires like Roman, Latin, and few more because of which it has an old time charm in it. Thus it is one of the major tourist spots not only in Turkey but also in the world, according to a survey it is the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. People who love watching and experiencing different type of cultures and their origin love this city.

The city has a vibrant commercial life mixed with cultural richness which makes it a wonderful destination for all the culture lovers around the world. It has gone many changes in history and thus the city is a delight for history lovers also. Beautiful places like blue mosque, Leander’s Tower and Topkapi Palace give an insight to the antiquity of the city and its culture. Visiting Istanbul is like splurging in the history and experiencing the ways our history has an impact on our present. Visiting the various historical palaces and empires which now have become a monument is like understanding Istanbul from the deep core.

People think tulips were born in Netherlands, but the fact is that they were firstly grown in Istanbul and then were sent to other areas of the world. This diversity of the city holds a special place in the TO-DO list of the visitors. There are thousands of hotels in the city because of its active tourism. Istanbul is turkey’s largest city which has the world’s largest market in it known as “Grand Bazaar” it has over 3000 shops of various items starting from basic eatables to fashionable clothes and decorative items. People who visit Istanbul never leave without seeing this beautiful market with so many colors at one place.

To experience this richness of history and culture you must plan a visit and stay at the Sarnic Hotel in Istanbul. A place where you can relax, rejuvenate while you soak in the history and culture of the city. Their hospitality will make you feel like home and they will make sure that you enjoy in the best possible way. The hotel is located nearby many historical places like the Blue mosque, Topkapi palace, Haghia Sophia etc. so you can easily travel and see all the important places. Grand Bazaar is just 15 minutes away from the hotel and that helps the tourists save too much travel expenses and exertion. To book rooms for a wonderful stay in the city visit and make your trip memorable.

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