After eating a meal and having your belly full with all the delicious snacks, one would often exclaim that they are contained and can no longer consume any food for that time being. However, there is a proverb that goes something like “There is always space for dessert’. In other words, this also express that no matter how overflow or packed one may feel, they would definitely not mind consuming for another bowl of sweet treats to spoil themselves after a full course meal.

All these ice cream may arrive in many types, ice cream, cakes, brownies, pastries and waffles. These sweet treats are just mini snacks for you to munch on and it won’t fill up a lot of space in your belly.

Waffletown is a family eatery that is part of the similar US chain. The restaurant is liken to the normal fast food eatery here in Singapore. Waffle Town Singapore mirrors an authentic school American diner charm and the surrounding over at the eatery exudes a sense of cozy family and homely eatery. So, one of the reason why clients love to go back for a meal or to just just chill with their colleagues. Their specialties include delectable Belgian Waffle, American food menu such as Fried Chicken, Burgers, Fish & Chips as well as local food such as the irresistible BBQ Chilli Fish and many more. Many of their specialities are groups the good value promotions which makes it very good and cheap for diners who specially like fried chicken as well as fish!

Following on, diners can decide to stay on in the fast food eatery for ice cream. As the name suggests, it hands out very mouth watering delicious crispy waffles.where people would right away fall in love with its ice cream waffle after the first bite. There are also numerous other waffle selections for you to decide from the menu. However, if you are a chocolate addict, the Belgian waffle topped with chocolate ice cream! A sure pledge love at first will take place.

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