Hotel Windsor, a simple small hotel found around MacPherson district gives travelers a simple yet inexpensive offer with their rates and assistances. It is only a stone throw away from the Mass Rapid Transit where it provides its clients a quick and fast entry to big streets everywhere. Just same as other hotels in Singapore, Hotel Windsor gives ones of the first class buffet in Singapore. However, one point special about it is that it doesn’t supply the regular international buffet like the other wonderful hotels. staying out from the rest, it gives very yummy teochew food over at its coffee cafeteria! It is by far one of the low-priced congee buffet anyone can search here in Singapore.

During lunchtime, the outlet is always filled with office adults that would always assemble from the different office companies situated round. Most of them are attracted to its lunch buffet where they get to enjoy the lunch special that is served with other tender delicious dishes like grilled salmon, beef tenderloin and twin pork chop. The Teochew oat buffet is applicable for both the lunch buffet as well as the dinner buffet where customers get to experience into a light and tasty bowl of Teochew porridge for less than $20! child and senior citizens get to go for further reductions for their lunch too.

At this Singapore hotel cafe, you will find just about the ideal dining atmosphere that caters to a range of exclusive tastes- from continental cuisine to delectable local fare. If you are not a fan of Teochew porridge, you can also catch the unusual main plate, that is very well-known with both locals and foreigners. With its regular and pleasing mood, completed with mouth-watering snacks, Hotel Windsor’s cafe restaurant is absolutely one of the top-class and faultless location for good food and relaxation. It is also one of the top buffet and cheapest buffet that serves such attractiveness.

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