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3 Ways for More Free Traffic to Boost Your Online Business

There’s a lot of diverse tactics for free traffic, but just be sure you’re doing your targeting well. Most of the time you may have to do some testing to discover these extra things, but it’s time well spent. Just try to keep a good perspective with any method you use, and sometimes that leads to good things happening. But do keep in mind that you will pay for free traffic with your time unless you outsource.

Google has totally messed things up and confused people, so it’s really best to just ignore them.

As always, you don’t have to resort to trickery or anything like that – just solid know how. Plus there are services available that will do this for you, but again be sure you do your homework. What you have to understand about search marketing is that knowledge is power. If you have never used your feed for traffic and backlinks, then just start promoting to RSS feed directories. If you want to get fancy, you can learn about how to combine them in certain ways that are helpful. The thing about these specialized directories is they have not been ruined by IM marketers which is a good thing. You can get backlinks which is great for diversity, and you never know what can happen with traffic. Yes, you can get traffic, and there are a lot of people who are more interested in using things like RSS feeds.

There are other methods that require more effort, and that is why they are not popular. For traffic and backlinks, it’s hard to beat high quality press releases that are syndicated to the right places. When you do use this approach, then you will want to do it the right way, and the learning curve is not big. You can get major exposure and traffic if you use a good story with your release. These are essentially news vehicles, so be sure you take that into consideration. If you do enough of them, then you can get really good and this is something you will always be able to use. Yes – it’s exciting to see positive results from free traffic because of the obvious, it’s free. If you’re new to IM, it’s good to realize the currency you pay with no cost traffic is with your time. But don’t forget that some of these methods are stupid simple to use and are effective.
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