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If you don’t know the right methods, it can be hard to add subscribers to your mailing list. What follows are three effective tactics that will help you grow your mailing list quickly.

1) Use freebies such as a quality eBook to “bribe” people into joining your mailing list. Now, the smart thing that you can do here is, allow your subscribers to customize this report with their own name and website address, so that they can give it away to their visitors/subscribers/friends. If you want your report to go viral, this is how you do it. Your sign-up rate will increase as your eBook circulates and your site gets exposed to more people! This tactic has been applied time and again by Internet marketers and has been very successful.

You do, however, have to make sure that the report you send people is informative and well written. Viral eBooks can be on almost any topic, but they must have some original or helpful quality that makes people want to pass them along. It’s not necessary to make it hundreds of pages long, or a work of literature. Yet it has to give your opt-ins a good reason to spread it.

2) Getting more sign-ups to your mailing list takes commitment and consistency. Active list building is what you should be aiming for. Increasing the size of your list requires a concerted, proactive stance, as it won’t grow by itself. Considering how competitive online marketing is, being too laid back in your efforts could be very costly. What you should be thinking about is what you can achieve in the long run. Keep your larger goals in mind as you plan your strategies. While it takes hard work to get a list off the ground, eventually you’ll be able to use outsourcing methods to get traffic and advertise.

3. If you have a site then you should have a privacy policy. Place a link to the privacy policy right next to your sign-up form so that your new subscribers know that their contact information is safe with you. Plenty of people do not sign up out of fear that their personal information will be stolen. Let your visitors know via your privacy policy that all of their info will be safe. Even though this might not give a big boost to your sign-ups, it will definitely help you increase them.

We’ve looked at some proven ways to increase the size of your email list and improve your opt-in rate, and the main point is to work these methods consistently. Once you have enough subscribers, your list will spread by word of mouth but until then, consistent action is the key.
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